Adult Health Care

Innovative Programs

A different kind of retirement community.

We were born out of a love for people and a Christian desire to aid each person in feeling the dignity and importance of their own lives. Because of this, we view our staff and residents far differently from other organizations. Where others are bent on making more money, we are focused on being the very best that we can be, on serving with a profound respect and humility and on helping each person who needs our talents. These goals allow us to create an extended family of people who all have a profound dedication to our facility and our work—every single day.

Our innovative programs are just one way that this devotion shines.

In our retirement community, we encourage hobbies and interests that our residents had before coming to us. In addition, we work to provide every patient and resident with the kind of medical care that helps them live more independent, fulfilling lives.

These programs and services include:

Our success so far has enabled us, not only to provide some of the most cutting-edge, innovative technology on-site, but also for us to begin to expand. We have plans ready to go for better facilities, a more beautiful environment and room for more innovative therapy sessions and equipment.

That’s what we’re about at Salem Lutheran Homes & Rehabilitation Center. And that’s why we are Iowa’s choice for retirement communities, outpatient therapy and rehabilitation. Contact us now to learn more and get the services you or your loved one needs, today.